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World Peace & Prayer Day 2017 update

The 22nd World Peace & Prayer Day ceremonies will begin from Hawai'i 21 June 2017 FULL DETAILS

It has been one year since the historic signing of the International Treaty to Protect and Restore Mother Earth, from the United Nations in New York City, 22 April 2016. This past year has marked historic ups and downs as the Indigenous People continue to be on the forefront of protecting Mother Earth. From Standing Rock, to South Africa, to the Amazon Jungle, no member of the human family is forgotten by our precious mother earth. So, on this anniversary, we invite you to sign your pledge to the Treaty (if you have not done so already,) and to share with friends, family and community, until peace prevails for all beings on earth, and our Mother Earth's water, earth, sky and energy are restored, and protected for all!

Mother Earth Day 2017 update

On International Day of Peace 2016, invitation to all indigenous tribal nations, to participate in a virtual world gathering, spiritual council of:

September 21-25
PeaceDay 2016

❣ Chieftain's / Grandmothers Sages of the Planet, Mother Earth convening in global council;

❣ All respective Indigenous Nations of Mother Earth tending sacred fires, on their sacred land with community.

In this sacred spiritual way for Mother Earth and all her children, in solidarity:

~ International Treaty to Protect & Respect Mother Earth ~

~ Mother Earth Trust ~ Http://

~ Earth Ethics ~
~ Pax Cultura ~
~ Declaration of Peace and Cessation War ~
~ Eradicating Ecocide ~

To include all 5000+ global indigenous tribal nations' Chieftain's / Grand-

mothers / Elders / Leaders / Sages in Ceremony, Prayer and Blessing to

convene (inclusion, participation, consent):
~ Global Spiritual Governance
~ 193 Peace Departments for UN member states
~ Giveback Ceremony of Sacred items
~ Assembly (agenda TBA) please register for additional information


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