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Myth of Abundance

There is a great 'Myth' perpetrated in the world... a dis-ease of lack. Yet, there is enough!

A Global Grand Theft Occurrence

"From the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) to the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA) to Al-Shabaab, many of the world’s most infamous and destabilizing armed actors today finance their activities in part through the illegal exploitation and trade of natural resources. Theft in the context of armed conflict constitutes the war crime of pillage, which is punishable in most domestic jurisdictions and at the International Criminal Court (ICC)." Executive Summary,

Grand Theft Global; Satellite Sentinal Project (Founders George Clooney and John Prendergast)

Average good citizens, who live by the golden rule... watch the nightly news, while scrambling to pay their bills, mortgage, car payment, child care, taxes, bank fees, you name it... well guess what! Obligation, debt, military, indentured slavery does not have to exist, at all. The 'Myth' is that there is lack! Allowing its continued perpetration, condemns one unto another. This is a viscous cycle, which ironically, is as simple to fix, as starting a board game over. The Myth becomes a fact, because abundance, the nature of Mother Earth, belongs to everyone... And not as owners, but as sacred stewards, sharing and caring for one another.

Obligatory factors were made up, perpetuated into a system, that is not natural, and we are witnessing it's slow death, which has created such discomfort, illness, internal insanity, that good people are turning on good people, simply because this disease, has created this much dis-ease!

You were born free! Abundance is your natural sovereign right! Being born on this Mother Earth, is the privilege. The fact you exist, is enough!

Natural Perspective

Mother Earth gifts everything required for natural life free: clean air, pure primal water, fresh organic natural food, and free energy.

How is it a few are able to control the majority of the world's natural non-renewable resources (which are killing our Earth, no one argues this point), owning the banks, who own the corporations, who control politicians, whose aim of policy it to maintain this status quote. They also took this control through conquest, it was not gifted to them through meritocracy.

Mother Earth has had indigenous peoples stewarding her beautifully, how did this conquest of man, start taking precedence. How it is we reward rape, murder, killing and war, with the honor of stewarding our feminine Mother Earth? This is the corruption which ends, has ended, and we will begin to share with you why and how you can be the change. In fact, you already did... you were born!

We can unwind ourselves, as a collective, from this unnatural system, and live the potential of life, honoring one another! A Passport to Freedom awaits us all... and exists, now!

Lisa Clapier, Steward Broadcasting Cultures of Peace

MANiFEST Solutions Summit 2016 ~ Facilitating a global transition, for good!

MANiFEST Facebook Trailer:

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