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Gratitude the Master Key


Being grateful is an art, a choice and a gift.

There is much polarization going on in the world. Some will say it is the end times, and some will say it's the beginning of times. And they are both accurate.

Today, I will share a useful tool, a gift. The Master Key to a beautiful life... Gratitude!

Be grateful for everything! Everything, no matter what... No matter how large the boulder appears to be in your way. There is always a gift, a silver lining in every cloud. Despite the energy this obstacle appears to be triggering in you, it is simple an opportunity to make you look at your path, and re-evalute what no longer serves, what you no longer choose to allow to get in your way.

I like to call all things that trigger me, programs. It is a non-judgmental way to look at them lovingly and to glean the insights, the fertilizer they have to offer me.

The actor Dennis Weaver most famously use to share this, "Shit is just fertilizer!" So use it, and you will be amazed at the garden of life you can grow out of it! It becomes beautiful art! So embrace the polarities going on outside of you, the macros and the micros, all of them. You are yearning to find your middle way, is all. So, be grateful! Feel grateful... feel the gratitude pouring over you, in you and through you like water! The loving it IS how you turn it into fertilizer.

Those who know me well, hear me always saying 'The only way out is in!' Your soul knows the way!

So today's gift to you, is a beautiful video 'Gratitude the Master Key'. I know you will enjoy it. The sister who stewards this beautiful body of work has been my greatest teacher of the gift economy Stacey Robyn.

Agreements meet in the middle, if you don't like the boulder in your way, evaluate which direction to move beyond it and the middle agreement then shifts. This way or that way, allow your heart to lead and you will manifest a new middle way. A path you will realize is a great gift, a piece of art!

Love Peace and Wisdom, let them lead you... and embrace the scenario, or you don't get around the boulder.

Your natural state is joy! Your birth right... liberty,

Freedom to learn, To express, To create, And to make mistakes...

The true meaning of happiness,

Is to be able to find your own souls path,

Leading you home to a paradise on Earth!

So today be grateful for obstacles, for polarities going on in the your life and in the world. Feel the gratitude in every fiber of your being and you will discover underneath the story is energy stuck, that is all. So sit with it, without the story, only a feeling of gratitude, feel it until it spirals out and your body feels the joy again. You will be able to feel the energy flowing through you, and after this natural state of joy restores itself on a cellular level, a natural beautiful path reveals itself, like a gift simply dropping out of the sky, right before your very eyes and you will giggle and laugh at awe and wonder on how silly your being upset at the boulder actually ever was later. As soon as you quit judging the boulder, or yourself for walking into it on your path... the energy flows like silk, ease and grace... and you move beyond it and the hindsight is full of vast riches you harvest, as a result!

Gratitude quite truly is the Master Key unlocking the mysteries inside of you, yearning for you to love yourself, so you discover your true beauty, your authentic self... as an artist, as a steward of your own life!

And I promise you, what you discover about yourself, your own golden heart, is more beautiful than any treasure... since its right inside your own chest.

Love is for giving, especially to yourself. We so easily gift to others, gift it to yourself today! Love Peace Wisdom is the Way and Gratitude the Master Key!

And may god bless you and keep you, your family and friends, and all that you hold precious in your heart safe! Today! And I love you, very much!

~ Lisa Clapier

Gratitude the Master Key Gratitude is the Master Key, opening all doors of possibility, now within you!

Copyright 2016 Lisa Clapier All Rights Reserved

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