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Handbook to FreedOM

Gratitude as the Master Key

Simple Mirroring & Clearing Process

Mirroring Process : Triggered? When you get a button pushed, it is simply your body identifying a program/belief that no longer serves. Mirror whatever triggered you by sourcing the root:

I am ______[1-3 words describing emotional trigger, example: hurt, angry, etc.]___ at __[the person’s name]___ for __________________[no more than 1 sentence describing why]__________________________________.

Then mirror it back to yourself with the following reflection:

I am ____________[same 1-3 words identified above] _______________________ at ______myself________ for ____________________[same offense identified above]_________________________________________.

With this new realized ‘Truth’ mirrored, bringing to your conscious awareness what may have formerly been unconscious within you, you bring this ‘old program’ into the light where it heals. You can then place this ‘root’ (program/belief) of self-judgment on the altar of your heart, for clearing, with Gratitude as the Master Key.

Gratitude is the Master Key to unlocking the beauty and joy of realizing Paradise on Earth!

The following is provided as a sacred tool in assisting you in finding the gratitude, the fertilizer in any scenario, the silver lining. Most people create a mental dialogue that is negative, in response to life scenarios. The example below will assist you in re-programming your brain to lift all scenarios into ‘gifts from the Divine,’ the true fertilizer they can be!

Place the ‘root’ you unearthed in the above mirroring process, inside the sacred center of the GoGratitude symbol, like an altar, to assist you in identifying, all the gratitude and good you can now hold in your heart, to live free! The following example will assist you, in resourcing good feelings, appreciation appreciates!

Gratitude as the Master Key

GoGratitude symbol © by Stacey Sophia Robyn (used with permission)

Clearing Process : Now that you have identified the ‘root’ and you have brought forward into your conscious awareness this potential opportunity for growth, you can use these newfound feelings, to clear.

The following is a simply hand mudra exercise for re-programming, transforming the former root into your Divine Tree of Life, spiraling out from Gratitude. It is often difficult, for most, to go from being triggered to feelings of love for life scenarios, so we use gratitude to spiral into this space of unconditional love; for our self, for the other, the scenario, and all the beauty Divine Will is offering you. In other words, you are turning perceived manure, into fertilizer, for a thriving, joyful life!

Find time to be still and quiet with yourself. Sit comfortably, and work through the following hand gestures while contemplating in your mind’s eye your newfound wisdom from the exercise above. Move through each, once you feel complete. Take your time offering yourself this beautiful space for self care:

Feel Thankfulness for the above (palms facing each other in prayer position in front of chest)

Feel Forgiveness for the above (place right hand on heart and left hand on solar plexus)

Feel Gratitude for the above (gently circle right hand over heart and gently circle left hand on solar plexus, as if you are subtlety drawing a GoGratitude symbol with both fingertips)

Feel Love for the above (crossing arms over the chest)

Feel Breathe; sit in this space of love for 32 breaths in and out, or more (resting palms up in lap) until you feel complete and wholeness restored in, through and from, your beingness

Note: You will know when you have cleared the program within, when you witness it spiral outside of yourself, in someone else in your personal circle sharing with you the same scenario; then again in someone in the community; then again this program, like a ripple, can be witnessed spiraling out to someone in the world. With each witness, offer a moment of gogratitude, blessing the other and self, sacredness!

May this be a gift, a resource for living free, with Gratitude as the Master Key ~ freed OM!

‘Handbook to FreedOM’ by Lisa Clapier © 2009, Free to Share, Cultures of Peace

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