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Happy 2017, Year of Co-Creation

Three Golden Keys for Manifesting Beauty in 2017

2017 marks the beginning of a new way of being: 'Living in harmony with one another, and with nature. 2017 the year for co-creating beauty!'

Humanity is awakening from amnesia and lifting the veil of 'programs' we all have come to know as the 'matrix.' The matrix is an illusion, created by a few, and is not in harmony with nature.

Human beings are born innocent and trusting; this purity has been covertly taken advantage of, a violation without consent. This deception has/is revealing itself, shadows surfacing, so that full consent and inclusion in reality, is a co-creation. The world is awakening!

In this awakening, comes liberation and response-ability to where we are presently at, as a result of living in the 'programmed amnesia of the matrix.' This can be a sobering fact to face! Taking action is the quickest way forward; taking the shit and utilizing it as fertilizer, by turning it over (composting) into the highest expression, for all! What is that highest expression? Aim?

At this beginning of 2017, we make new resolutions for a new thriving world (for ourselves, our loved ones, community, nation, world). Many are looking at (personally and collectively) what is required, to course correct?

It has become a cliche thing to say: 'World Peace' What does that even mean, how do we get from here (destruction) to there (creation)?

Yes, we are at a choice point, as a human species, and to create resolve in re-coursing, consider these three simple questions/answers:

Three Golden Keys: 1: What would love do? 2: What would peace do? 3: What would wisdom do?

The summary answer, is a highest expression for course correction, a golden solution! These three key solutions, are very personal for everyone. These gold keys; work for any situation, any quandary, and all queries (personally and/or collectively).

If love has her freedom and peace her expression, surely wisdom will grow like a flower in bloom!

~ Lucinda Drayton

"Oracle for 2017: As we enter into the year of the Creator/Destroyer we must be mindful upon that which we focus, for that which we focus upon we will certainly bring into creation. We must navigate the coming year with the illuminations that 2016 brought to us. Looking through the frequency of the rainbow wherein all aspects of self have become assimilated, we bow to the completion of one gate as we enter into the next as alchemical beings. As we rest in the present moment, we continually anchor the infinitude of our being, able to draw forth any frequency, able to wear any archetypal mask, and therefore holding all of the tools we need to face the inevitable changes that this next year holds. The present moment is the key! Blessed be fellow walkers of the beauty way!!!" ~ShaktiTempleArts Collective Aim: Thriving world of peace for all, in harmony with nature!

What would love do? 1: Treat everyone with dignity, respect, freedom to live a joyful life. What would peace do? 2: End world wars, end harvesting non-renewable resources, do no harm. What would wisdom do? 3: Live in harmony with nature, and gift forward what nature gifts freely: pure primal water, clean air, free energy, organic/natural food (these basic four elements Mother Earth 'gifts' to all her children) restoring these basic elements, would provide the solid foundation every sovereign being has a right to share, ending poverty/hunger in the world.

Do you have an evolutionary best practice and/or solution?

MANiFEST solutions, with us... in March 2017 innovators from around the world will gather, connecting the dot connectors. Designed by some of the minds behind SXSW, SLUSH and PAUSE, the event is to unlock the infinite cultural and economic value, the world is awaiting! Register

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