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The Only Way Out Is In

'The Only Way Out Is In' isn't a metaphor. The world is a manifestation of our collective beliefs. There is no argument the world is in crisis. It is well documented by science that what we focus on expands. This micro to macro science is the topic in the documentary 'What The Bleep Do We Know?'

Our internal beliefs govern our behaviors. So how do re-program ourselves? There are only a few times we naturally re-create the brains neural grooves that rule our thoughts, which govern our actions:

• Silence (no thought: prayer and meditation are pathways to silence)

• Being in nature

• Service to others

• Making love's orgasm (when emotionally bonded with the other)

The above are optimal moments our physical body naturally negatively ionizes, the factor in re-patterning, allowing the neuron connection to reach for a new groove, creating a new pattern. We can't re-think ourselves free, we literally have to do the internal work. Creating new neural pathways, new synapses occur, leading to new thoughts, new beliefs, new words, new action, better deeds/results.

Negative ionization within the human physical body naturally occurs approximately every hour for around 5-6 minutes. The body naturally breathes through one nostril for approximately one hour, then it switches to both nostrils for approximately 5-6 minutes (the indication it's negatively ionizing), then it switches to the other nostril. This pattern repeats itself throughout life. This is the natural biorhythm, a human body operates, as an electromagnetic organic system.

There will always be drag, it's what is required to literally manifest a physical reality, to be in and witness this realm. Drag provides the density required so vibration feels solid, like touching a tree, a stone, or table. It feels real, but it's really just particles vibrating.

Much like the scene depicted in the film 'Avatar' when the Na'vi Jake connects with his Ikran dragon... we humans must too connect with our drag-on to live a truly beautiful, joy filled life.

We must have some drag, to ground us, here in this physical place. Just like in the scene from Avatar, we must face our biggest fears, then, when we truly trust ourselves, the connection is made, and we become privileged in flying our drag-on.

How do we re-program then? The examples listed above: silence, nature, service to others, a meaningful committed intimate relationship (into-me-see)... this is the way through, the way to bending reality, spiraling out from center into a world that reflects the virtue, dignity, embodiment every soul born into a body in this realm... everyone yearns to enjoy!

Too much drag leads to entropy. We can increase moments of negatively ionizes states within the physical body with the examples above, then during those times of negative ionization is when we visualize solutions of love, peace, wisdom, service, compassion, joy... the beatitudes of life become real. Utilizing these optimal times of negative ionizing the physical body, for dreams, goals, solutions, love... is how the world changes.

"This is the true meaningful alchemy, of turning lead into gold."

There are also natural times when the environment offers the body opportunities of negative ionization, like right after a storm when the air is so clean, crisp and easy to breath its sweet refreshment as essence to life. It is real. Within a home, rooms with corners inhibit negative ionization, why round rooms are better, why this earth is a dome, a sphere. This is also why nature's growth pattern follows a spiraling pattern. Finishing interior walls in natural clay plaster also creates a natural environment for negative ionization of a physical interior environment (why a cave/earth has such a healing, calming effect).

"As below, so above and as above, so below."

Join us for the global Unify meditations! Next broadcast is #LoveWater Day 22 March 2017

Sit in silence more, with no thoughts, the only way to truly allow the bodies electromagnetic system is to truly rest, void is the zero point for a re-set. Pray more, meditate more.

Take walks barefoot in nature and put your hands in the dirt daily.

Be in service to others. Life is a circle and when going about your daily life, if you come across someone needing help, be the angel sent to assist them. You are not only caring for the other, you are caring for yourself. Tithe at least 10% of your energy to good will, simply follow your heart's directive. The intelligence of the heart is greater than the brain. Scientists estimate its electromagnetic power to be over 400 times stronger.

Service is also the natural remedy for self forgiveness (for-giving). It washes away the patterns of shame, guilt and pride that keep our neural groove patterns from leaping. The emotions of shame, guilt, pride is like an anchor into the past, which no longer exists in the now (just the brain). Self-determination is an inherent gift. The loss of innocence for girls is sexual abuse, exposing a girl, before her own self-determining consent to nurture, and that girl is potentially controlled for life. The loss of innocence for boys is sending them to war, exposing a boy, before his own self-determining consent to protect, and that boy is potentially controlled for life. Our collective world has co-opted shame and guilt, it is time we take back our own power of self-determination.

The future doesn't exist yet either. But, since what we focus on expands... Live in the now! Living in the now is truly the only part of the spectrum experienced as real... here... now! But to call in a beautiful future for self, family, friends, community, state, and nation... it begins within.

Focus on solutions, responsibility is response-ability (not shame/guilt) but appreciation and gratitude.

Free yourself, from yourself, and the surrounding world becomes free. It is a beautiful spiral from center's zero point, flowing out to all others, even to those we connected via DNA. Yes, those relationships we can't resolve, they resolve naturally with these techniques, it's a life changing factor where science and spirituality become the same tool: for love!

Evolutionary best practices and solutions is finding the places we can all agree upon. It begins with silence zero point, and then spirals out. The ultimate utopia is every human being on earth, enjoys the experience of life, liberty and pursuit of happiness. And yes making mistakes naturally, is part of being human. No one is born with evil intent, it's cultivated by conditions. We can change the conditions, by changing ourselves, we can and will set all humanity free, to a thriving safe, secure, beautiful world. The only way to accomplish this result, is to aim.

The United States of America was founded on a social justice system inspired by the Iroquois nation's model of peace. When someone erred, screwed up, made a mistake, acted out, they didn't punish. Instead, the community gathered around the offender and apologized to that person for not being there for them, for not noticing they were in need.

A human being acts out in misbehavior when a basic need is not met: food/water, shelter, meaningful relationship, ability to creatively express, security. The offender, in a peaceful caring environment, where their needs are met, self-adjusts themselves naturally. Self-governance occurred naturally. The elders would assign a council of twelve peers to surround the person in love and attention. Twelve closest friends knew that person the best, and why (s)he may have acted out (father died as an infant, sister is sick, etc). We can redeem all social justice issues, regardless the nation state, to core values of dignity and integrity, while still maintaining culture (regardless of race, creed, religion). The root of war is pain, hurt people hurt people.

"Where there is culture there is peace, where there is peace there is culture."

Realizing 'World Peace' is possible, we simply were never told it was possible, nor given the aim to achieve. Humanity can care for the environment and others with differences, as we all begin to be stewards: caring, sharing and appreciating the value all contribute to life. Love, beauty and paradise we never lost, just invisible, revealing itself now. As love leads all caring acts forward, for all, become good thoughts, good words, and good deeds.

As a conscious humanity, we can focus on providing all people with basic necessities, these are not rights, they are sovereign gifts from the earth. The earth gifts everyone these things free (air, water, energy) and humanity has monetized them, the root of all evil. We are born of this earth, we each receive the gift of breath, from the earth and from God. May we each use this breath to re-program our internal realm, and may it then spiral out to all others.

We will find, we never fell, we were never a slave race, we have all ways been free, we simply took a long (very painful) route, in discovering the evolutionary best practices and solutions. Together, we will facilitate a global transition, for good!

May we ask the internal question at every choicepoint: What would love do, what would peace do, what would wisdom do? May the answer be an internal guide!

May we be blessed, may we love one another, and know there are a hundred thousand angels by our side!

Creation of Co-Creation! (added 3/14/2018)

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May God Bless US ALL!

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