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Water Is Life

Today the World Celebrates ‘Water,’ 22 March Every Year is International World Water Day

Around the world, from indigenous First Nations rising, like our witnessing Standing Rock protecting a watershed for over 19 million people; to urban cities like US’s Flint, Michigan whose water was contaminated with lead; to Madagascar who recently was struck with a powerful cyclone; water is the common bond, people are gathering everywhere to celebrate water.

Over 300 sacred sites, over 6,000 locations, millions of people will be gathering together in ceremony and events celebrating water. Since 2012, we Unify again a #LoveWater broadcast (free), to join virtually everyone, everywhere, together… to celebrate and love water.

Humanity’s current water crisis is beyond Mother Nature’s drought creation, or a natural devastation like a tsunami. The crisis is not even related to climate changes of any kind, these are man-made… and completely avoidable. Not only are they man-made, they are driven by the almighty dollar (currency).

Just one example of what humanity is doing to our oceans is this moving documentary ‘Midway’ by award-winning photographer and filmmaker, Chris Jordan. You will never throw waste into any water, ever again, after watching the devastation that consumer trash has done to our water supply and delicate aquatic ecosystem. Petroleum industry plastics, are a grave death sentence to oceanic life.

There are massive dead zones in the oceans, as a result of this human behavior, without regard to what it does to earth’s oceans. Whales and dolphins are beaching and dying in record numbers, due to inner ear damage from sonar technology used in military and mining, threatening their very survival. Radioactive waste poisoning, like Fukushima, maybe the most critical damage man has done to the earth’s health. This behavior is making our collective mother earth ill, humanity is her dis-ease; humanity has a choice, we can choose a better way. Indigenous elders warn humanity is compromising earth’s immune system. The earth doesn’t require us, we require her life for our health and vitality.

Nature is Speaking ‘I Am Water’

An awareness is rising, of the critical ecological times we are experiencing on earth. We are stewards, sacred guests to earth’s body. The earth has the same equivalent ratio to water as a human body. We cannot drink oil and we cannot drink pulp (paper currency). The most primal element required for sustaining life, is water. Water is life! The most precious sustaining life-force on Mother Earth, is water. There are solutions, in harmony with nature. We ‘get’ to choose life, or not, it is up to us!

No water, no life. Know water, know life!

Mindfulness in that water is a supreme asset to all, a primal elemental right to life. It is a legitimate aspiration of all peoples and that preserving water a substantial element of all governance and a principle and common value of the global community good, for all nations and all peoples.

A wonderful organization whose results in ending poverty is Choice Humanitarian. In the ‘Choice’ model, the first, most expedient and efficient way to lift impoverished communities, is access to primal clean water supply. Choice does not dictate, simply what reveals itself to be true. The Choice mission offers solutions to the hardships of poverty in rural villages of the world with simple technologies, self-help initiatives and public awareness. Their first meeting is in support of village women and supporting these self-motivated women in what the women self-direct as the most critical community priority. In Choice experience, water is usually ‘that solution.’ Currently, in the world, 1.8 billion people use a source of drinking water contaminated with feces.

The United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals, launched in 2015, include a target to ensure everyone has access to safe water by 2030, making water a key issue in the fight to eradicating extreme poverty.

In 1993, the United Nations General Assembly officially designated March 22 as World Water Day. World Water Day is coordinated by UN-Water in collaboration with governments and partners.

Why is water so special? Beyond being preciously rare; in that so far as we have discovered, Earth is the only water-abundant planet.

Water Is Intelligent — IQ of Life

· Water is a liquid at room temperature, and the only substance which naturally occurs in all three states of matter on earth.

· Water is transparent in the visible electromagnetic spectrum, providing life support for aquatic plants, animals and organisms.

· Water is a small, common, naturally occurring electron donor, which means it can be used in the light reactions of photosynthesis, making complex multicellular life possible.

· Water expands when frozen. Ice floats on water, allowing the frozen top surface to provide insulation for the lower regions and enabling life to survive.

· Water is polar, and serves as an elegant solvent for polar substances, a catalyst for life. The polarity of water also gives it high cohesion and adhesion, as well as capillary action. This enables, among other things, the upwards water transport system in plants.

· Water is amphoteric and also amphiprotic, because it is a self-ionizing compound.

· Water forms hydrogen bonds, leading to high specific heat and heat of vaporization.

· The most unique, beautiful and natural design intelligence, we all have been awed since childhood; is that frozen water droplets make snowflakes. No two snowflakes (like people) are alike, and all snowflakes have six sides.

Water Represents Emotion — Tao of Life

Emotions are energy in motion as it transports the electric signals throughout a body, the universal bond connection. The ancient ‘Tao of Life’ models the intelligent motion of water:

your true path like water flows, dissolves, dances, falls, rises, is one with everything Water is essential to life it carries and supplies the essence within and life all around soft water breaks the hardest stone yet without it we would just be bones white water black water grey water water does not judge its use to serve, content to be, in truth Be as water as you are, flowing to where you go unafraid of high or low Rise as steam and fall as rain laugh with pleasure accept the pain shallow puddles are lifted by the wind but mighty lakes and oceans remain centered and still within their hidden depths even though the winds whip up their surface vessels moves upon the face of the Ocean, Sea, or Lake the mighty waters hold them in totality a wake that fades away soon leaving no trace water takes on all shapes within submerged embrace build your house on firm foundations let the depth of your heart be as the ocean be a friend who is caring and genuine speak sincerely, rooted in compassion Wise leaders are ethical and just loving peace and competence skill, ability, effectiveness there is a time and season, for the success of every action a time to sow, a time to reap a time to wake, a time to sleep let your way be as the way of water running deep and filled with peace do not struggle or compete go with the flow and be serene Water is essential to life Be essential in your life know you are always flowing to the source of your being

A child gestates within the water of his/her mother’s womb. We all come from a mother’s womb. We all exist and have been born on this earth as a gift from the collective mother’s womb of her earth, so that we may experience a physical life in a body. The earth ‘gifts’ us this supreme asset, to all. Her gift is this primal elemental water. All aspire for earth’s clean, safe water. It is the global good currency, the richest commodity we overlook, take for granted.

“We are not human beings having a spiritual experience; we are spiritual beings having a human experience.” ~ Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

Humanity can begin with water, the indigenous refer to as ‘The First Medicine.’ May we collectively offer this first medicine to one another, freely, in restoring and preserving water, for all nations and all peoples. Join Indigenous First Nations Chieftains, Elders and Grandmothers in signing the International Treaty to Protect and Restore Mother Earth.

Today, may we offer prayers of thankfulness for water, meditate next to water, sit in silence within our own body of water. Gratitude is the master key! In this commonality, we all spiral out in gratefulness and agree that water exists for all. May our lives, our bodies, this planet, reflect honoring this sacred resource as stewards, as a basic essential gift from our collective Mother Earth, which she gifts freely to all her children! Regardless of race, creed, geographical origin or belief, we are all brothers and sisters on earth, we are all connected ~ Water Is Life!

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