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Disclosure - We Are Not Alone

Today is World ‘Press Freedom’ Day and is fitting to share an evolution!

The past six years have been event full, words cannot tell and pen cannot write all that has been experienced or witnessed. As many of you know, I steward a Cultures of Peace broadcast channel, sharing evolutionary best practices and solutions, facilitating a global shift, for good. This channel has been available 24/7 free since it's inception in 2011, because of brilliant contributors, volunteers, friends and content creators, nearly six years ago with the basic concept:

Where there is Peace, there is Culture! Where there is Culture, there is Peace!

Over ten years ago, I realized the strength media has in assisting evolution, solutions activism, and the past several years primarily contribute as a Peace Ambassador. The beauty of witnessing the backend analytics is it has given me a unique perspective on what people truly are drawn to view, how long, etc which has enabled us to customize the feed, offering viewers more of what they want to see. How could the world realize 'World Peace' if they didn't see examples. So we provide them, offering inspiration, stories, examples of others who tap their potential, and live their purpose, all ways beautiful innovation making a difference! We do this, along with our regular global synchronized Unify broadcasts every equinox and solstice. In all these good ways, we contribute to the NooSphere.

Something magical began occurring, I began witnessing patterns/math and that there was a grand design, even in transmedia, for assisting evolution, lifting humanity into something better. The root of this pattern is a 'Sharing Platform' and how could the media we provide evolve the viewer, support them in their evolutionary path of sharing their gifts/talents with other like-minded people and projects. In modeling the 'Gift Economy' for many years, I have gained a unique perspective not commonly obvious to many, although it triggers in everyone a deep yearning to live within this kind of community and liberty. So, I began to architect these sharing principles into the design/math.

In my contributions within the UN's Economic & Social Council (ECOSOC), I have shared this sharing design and have been astounded the courage other leaders have in the world, towards this common vision: a thriving world working for all! Their feedback and friendship has been invaluable. Indigenous cultures are much closer to this way of living, already modeling a way of being a steward of life. So, I naturally began connecting with world leaders and the indigenous elders and grandmothers with like-minded resonance.

What I am about to share, some of you know since you have walked this journey with me, and for some it may be intriguing yet shocking. I ask you to hold an open mind, and listen to confirmation your soul yearns for you to node. I am sure you will begin to connect the truths for yourself, all the signs are everyone, once you are aware!

I met a women a few years ago, she claimed to be over 200 years old. (I held an open mind as the experience was surreal and affirming.) Her name was 'Grandmother Monarch Butterfly Rose' and she told me we would meet again in the South Pacific islands. Fast forward to January 2016, I made it to the South Pacific, secretly hoping I would meet this Grandmother again, and I met her daughter, who incidentally, her name is 'Rose.' What began is an experience of learning humanity's true history, my own royal DNA lineage, and meeting an ancient civilization that exists, right here, and has all along, we are not and have never been alone. I wouldn't call them extraterrestrial, I call them extracelestial, as their benevolence, love and adoration for us are beyond words.

The reason 'Disclosure' hasn't occurred is because the truth is very well known to world leaders. In fact, 'they' live in a place you simply cannot just enter, unless you are aligned with their resonance... 'they' live within earth. 'They' are very human, although we all share celestial origins. There, there exists a paradise beyond what we know on surface, where everyone lives much longer, in peace, thriving and evolving... and caring for us on the surface. They do not interfere, but they do communicate. UFOs seen, are their technology. The advanced technologies they use (and have shared) are beyond beautiful. All the solutions exist, even the model, for living Heaven on Earth, now! As above, so below... there is a Garden!

The reason we have not evolved to their level of perfection on the surface, is because the leaders of the world, have not taken inner earth leader's advice: ending nuclear, war, poverty, and harvesting of non-renewable assets, when solutions in harmony with nature exist. Surface therefore, is a school of our own evolution. Redeeming the Fall is re-membering, we never fell from grace, then living this sovereign birthright. Inner earth has been known by indigenous sovereign royalty for thousands of years (many indigenous still come and go), even the story of the Knights Templar origins begins with protecting inner earth and this advanced ancient civilization, our relatives. Stories of Atlantis and Lemuria, are memories of these truths.

Light consciousness is seeded within all human beings. This is why living in peace is template within every human being born on earth, why we yearn for it, are drawn to it, it exists, as our inner earth family broadcast this resonance to us in every breath we take. They live it! They gift us the memory, of our future!

While I do visit inner earth (more to share later and I do document and take footage of everything I can), the directive they continue to give me: we each have a code, a gift for humanity. For me, implementing the 'sharing' model beyond media, rewarding meritocracy, is a way for other's to share and gift their codes to humanity. Ironically, the platform I architect was already part of the master design of many other platforms and communities. Including, blockchain, basic monthly income, crowdsource funding and many other elements, all simply a mirror of the design of nature, in mixed transmedia forms. My meeting inner earth, confirms of my own work is sacred, my own contribution to life, humanity, and a safe future for my family. But how would anyone believe me? Then again, a Rose knows a Rose!

A Global Council exists, the core is made up of a balance between inner earth elders/grandmothers and surface indigenous elders/grandmothers. If you are interesting in participating, please visit the Global Council page as the invitation is open to those who feel the inner calling of their soul. The reunions have begun!

The first step in support of this council is sharing International Treaty to Restore and Protect Mother Earth (you can sign via digital signature). We must all begin to agree, on something, somewhere... protecting our mother earth is the priority! There is a reason we call her the earth 'mother!' She provides life to all beings. We have the free agency to support a thriving world working for all! Or not! Our mother earth has a fever, she is shaking, we are harvesting her body parts at exponential rates, and she needs her own immune system to support herself AND us! Can can show up for her!

Those who live within earth will survive any calamity, and those who are being contacted (on a case-by-case basis) by our inner earth family, are being given instructions. The calling and election is ensured! Everyone has the same worth and value, it is up to each of us to choose it for ourselves. The gate is open and the paths are many, but the way is narrow unless we are connected to the notes that play the song of our pure innocent heart.

We are not alone! Know Thyself, and you will, find you are hOMe!

Homeward Bound, a Mythic Call

'The agreements [manifestation] meets in the middle.' ~Hermes Trismegistus aka Thoth, Emerald Tablet aka Tabula Smaragdina

If you would like more information about the 'sharing' platform, where everything is a BeautifulExchange! BE supported on your journey of life! This is also the community I will also be sharing more of my personal experiences and journey. You can meet Rose, and find the others!

. . .

HRH Dayang Dayang KeepsEagleCondor Lisa Clapier is founder of Cultures of Peace, curating evolutionary best practices and solutions, in harmony with nature, facilitating a global transition, for good. Lisa is a Peace Ambassador, Live Broadcast TransMedia Producer | You can follow Lisa on Twitter @LisaClapier

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