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24 May 2017 is More Significant Than December 21st, 2012 Mayan Calendar Date

Carl & Ian in Cancun

I met Ian Lungold, a jewelry maker turned Mayan Calendar expert 15 years ago; a colleague of Carl Johan Calleman, one of the world’s foremost experts on the Mayan calendar.

Ian taught me the significance of the Mayan Calendar, and in his review identified 28 October, 2011 as the end date to the Mayan Calendar’s 9th wave cycle — NOT 21 December 2012 (as commonly purported). Calleman also identifies 28 October 2011 as the end date to the Mayan Calendar, the day when all the nine waves influencing our biology and especially mind shifted and created a new interference pattern. The importance of this shift had been predicted in the Tortuguero Monument no 6, which said that Bolon Yokte Kuh, the Mayan god of the nine levels, would appear in his full regalia.

Ian sadly passed away of throat cancer 16 November 2005. An investigator of our current banking crisis, Ian accurately calculated the world would reach it’s current crisis (predictable by watching the cycles in the Mayan Calendar). I think of him often and how accurate he was in his studies and findings. We spent many hours sharing and discussing the 9th wave of the Mayan Calendar. He is greatly missed but his legacy and body of work influence us all, has and is, enabling a beautiful world.

The Mayan Calendar was not necessarily a calendar but more of a meter, keeping track of creation. If we are paying attention, day by day, to the flow of creation, we can measure the patterns, and ride the waves. Creation has perfect order, even in seeming chaos ‘ordo ab chao.’

Living in awareness of Creation’s energetic movements, we become co-creators ‘with’ Creation!

I was producing media for Occupy in October 2011 and knowing the significance of 28th, along with many other original organizers in Los Angeles, we set an intention to honor this sacred date and performed a ceremony with the whole camp, of around 1,000 people. Where I also met Mayan Elder Jose Ajpu Munoz the Mayan lineage Sacred Calendar Day Keeper.

The intention for 28 October 2011 was to bring into full balance the masculine and feminine aspects within, so that we could then witness these aspects manifest in the world and align. ‘As Above, So Below’ all agreements meet in the middle, and no one disagrees our world has too great a fulcrum swing between these two energies. We all witness these energies playing out in the world, the imbalance. Masculine and feminine are not designed to compete, but to dance in rhythm. The differences, in harmony, then create a beautiful song. The past 2,000 years has been largely masculine dominate, suppressing the intuitive, loving, compassionate, nurturing nature of the feminine, which the whole world is yearning for more of the healing salve of the divine feminine.

So, I performed a Mayan wedding ceremony on the South Plaza of the Los Angeles City Hall on 28 October 2011. We invited the whole Occupy encampment to participate. The musicians brought their instruments and talents, poets shared, healers healed, the indigenous grandmothers brought their sacred tools and prayers and led the ceremony. The occupation came together to participate, embracing the story we shared of this 9th wave of the Mayan Calendar, and we invited everyone to marrying the internal masculine/feminine within. To be wedded in union within. A beautiful and lovely couple, gratefully embraced being the models for this amazing experience in their own wedded union. The experience lasted over two hours and despite it’s length, ended up being one of the most viewed Occupy LA clips, which can be watched here: Mayan Calendar 28 October 2011 Union Ceremony. I invite you to watch and hear the profound words the Indigenous Grandmother [at 26:00] shared, wisdom for caring of creation 360° for all one witnesses with one’s own eyes, “everything in balance!”

It was a significant moment for me, many people wept in tears, in gratitude and humble sharing. I was particularly impressed with the men who participated, for their tender hearts, for surrendering into this new state of being, in balance, and in embracing the opportunity to love the feminine within themselves, which lifts the feminine in their lives and in the world. The result: honoring their mother, their partners, spouse, sisters, and most importantly, their daughters. I knew Ian was with us , sharing his beautiful light with us all, and loving embrace.

Ironically, later this same day, as a manifestation of this harmonic balance, a resolution was unanimously passed with the Los Angeles City Council, signed 27 November 2011. This resolution made history, being the first occupation in the history of America where the local governance stood in solidarity with the occupation, for ‘Responsible Banking, Ending Corporate Personhood’ (full document). Related Time Magazine article. Related LA Times article.

According to Calleman the shift point of 28 October 2011: “Translated to more modern language this means that for the first time in the history of the universe (including humanity) all waves (the full regalia) were activated and running in parallel. Before March 9, 2011 the 9th Wave creating unity consciousness had not been activated and it was only after this shift point that all waves became accessible for us to create resonance with. (The ancient Maya talked about such a wave as the Plumed Serpent, an energy bringing civilization). Each wave creates a different kind of filter for the human mind and so depending on what wave we are in resonance we will perceive the world differently.

In my work as a live broadcast transmedia producer, I have witnessed a pattern on the backend analytics of the broadcast channel: what people are attracted to viewing, what is most popular, etc. I was able to chart this pattern within nature, a math aligning Pi, Phi and the Fibonacci and incorporated it into a sharing platform. So the ‘Plumed Serpent’ could also be a ‘spectrum’ incorporating all waves (which the math relates). This sharing ‘spectrum’ platform BeautifulExchange will be releasing it’s launch 1 June 2017.

“We will then in turn project this mind and create an external reality consistent with the perceptions of our mind. If we download a mind of duality we will project this onto the world and create conflicts, but if we download a mind of unity we will create a world of peace. What the Maya calendar ultimately describes and the reason it is prophetic are the time lines of these shifting frames of mind. The Mayan calendar system is quite complex and a very fascinating subject that I encourage people to study. Nonetheless, from the perspective of creating the future of humanity it is really enough to follow the 9th Wave and be able to discern its effects on our individual lives.”

One of the reasons I was so keen to start Unify was to bridge this ‘balance within’ of 28 October 2011 into the morphogenetic field of what the masses believed to be the end date of the Mayan Calendar of 21 December 2012. So we launched Unify’s global synchronized moments of prayer, meditation and silence 20–22 December 2012 in a global broadcast reaching over 100 million people, contributors and participants in over 200 sacred sites and over 3,000 locations around the world. Connecting with sacred fire keepers on nearly 1,000 mountain ranges as they lit fires at sunrise on 21 December 2012 beginning from Byron Bay, Australia this rippled across the planet. These sacred fires were tended for 24 hours until sunrise the next morning, holding prayer and ceremony for all 9 waves completion, tending the sacred heart fire’s resonance for a shift point for unity consciousness to prevail, for all beings of earth.

This rise in unity consciousness has grown since 2011, bringing ethics and moral value to the forefront. As Ian explained the Mayan Calendar waves so eloquently, in this talk he gave in Sedona, Arizona in 2005: Ethics comes from inside your heart and shines out into the world. Personal ethics is your own innate consciousness. Morals are reasons, a moral why you tell the story, a reason. Morals are the rules and regulations handed down through cultures on what is appropriate/ inappropriate. Morals lay upon you (like a blanket), and ethics are the light that shines out from within.

What is really going on in the world, is the collective is trying to find the resonance field between our own cultural moral differences, and attempting to align them with internal integrity. In this seeming chaos, order and harmony will be obtained; through dialogue, transparency, inclusion, honor and integrity of one another’s differences and beliefs.

I witnessed an interesting phenomena during Occupy’s General Assemblies. We had a policy of not moving to a new topic until 100% of those in attendance agreed, reached consent. Now it sounds like this would be a difficult accomplishment, even impossible. But ironically, it was easy (in most cases) as people simply wanted to be heard, their points considered, to be included. What we found was there was a way to always reach consensus using this model. In a few rare cases it took several days, but these were also important decisions, with diverse points to be considered. This brings up the point how important freedom of speech and transparency is, to creating a world that is inclusive, fair and just.

The world is simply attempting to reach unity consciousness at the moment, moving in the direction where our personal ‘ethics’ are reflected in our cultural morals. When all view points are considered, 100%, ultimately it reflects a resonance field of harmony for all — unity consciousness.

Where there is culture, there is peace. Where there is peace, there is culture.

So, why is 24 May 2017 special? According to Calleman “In principle, it is not more special than any other beginnings of a 36 wave period of the 9th Wave. May 24, is the first day of the 64th day in the 9th Wave. However, it may be regarded as the beginning of a sustained effort to facilitate for people to create resonance with the 9th Wave. This event will be followed by events on June 29, August 4, and so on. It is not to be looked upon as a singular event. Yet, it can be argued that the chaos in the world has come to a point where it becomes a necessity to create resonance on a larger collective scale with the wave that generates unity consciousness.”

May 24th is also Tzolkin 1: Red Magnetic Dragon I Unify in order to Nurture Attracting Being I seal the Input of Birth With the Magnetic tone of Purpose I am guided by my own power doubled

In a recent interview for The Mind Unleashed with Calleman they asked: “Did the “Age of Heart” begin at the beginning of the 9th wave or is it beginning on May 24th?” Calleman responds, “Our universe, and we ourselves are created by the combined effects of Nine Waves of creation. Hence, there is no change that takes place across the board at any particular shift points in time. The effects on our heart depends on what waves we have created resonance with and this comes down to what kind of intentions we have. Most people today still resonate with the 6th 7th and 8th wave, none of which creates a fully open heart. However, a minority of people have started to develop a resonance with the 9th wave and over time as they are guided by this they will gain a new perception of reality beyond separation. No event on any single date will change humanity to the Age of Heart, but the sustained intention to manifest the destiny of humanity through resonance with the 9th Wave will create such a Golden Age.”

When I broadcast 20–22 December 2011, I did it with the San’s Tribe Prince, who was working with me fulfilling this destiny. San Tribe are from South Africa: The San Bushmen of the Kalahari. Calleman shares more, “ The San are representatives of what arguably is the oldest existing culture of our planet who have suffered severe persecution over the last hundred years. They live in the Kalahari desert (the southern part of Africa) and may be looked upon as a shamanic collective, which through there trance dance enter the spirit world where they communicate with God and all the animal spirits. It may be the only culture on our planet that still looks upon such a state of consciousness as the default, that which is real. On the particular day May 24, when a new wave period in the 9th wave begins, they will create such a dance. The event has been called Ignite the One Heart Fire, pointing towards the unity that is the destiny of humanity.”

What I learned in working with the San’s Prince, is their heritage is ‘holding the Silver Cord’ of humanity with Creation. Their shamanic practices and dance share the story of our connection to the Divine through this silver cord connection which facilitates our Spirit to animate our physical body, the abode of our Soul, while we are incarnate in this realm. This silver cord makes the initial connection with a baby in vitro in the mother’s womb, when the heart begins to beat and withdraws after life has passed from the physical body after the heart no longer beats. The silver cord facilitates a natural WiFi, a mycelium connected rhythm with the Divine, with one another, with all life on earth, with Creation/Creator. The Sans also believe it connects to our cosmic origins.

My recent journeys have led me to the Ariani Royal lineages of Inner Earth (Agharta), of whom we are all related! In working with these amazing benevolent beings, I have witnessed profound miracles, relating to the 9th wave to be true, and that all humanity born on earth are of royal birth. The truth of who we are as a humanity is more precious than any of us have been told. We have all been attracted to stories of Atlantis and Lemuria, and there is a reason why … the Chréstos are here, the Garden of Eden exists! Redeeming the Fall is re-member we never fell. Creating resonance with one’s own heart is the quickest path to peace. Depending on what waves we have created resonance with, comes down to what kind of intentions we have, ensuring one is honoring their own internal ethics.

We are not in the end of times, we are in the beginning of an exaltation — profound, beautiful and awe inspiring. The Ariani are celebrating and holding ceremony on the 24th in harmony with all the planetary ceremonies taking place. The Ariani are transmuting this silver cord, into a ‘Golden Cord.’ As this truth emerges, in one’s life journey, synchronistic experiences and coincidences, trust you are being guided by powers for good, beauty and love (as you are probably already discovering). We each indeed do have a sacred purpose for being born on earth, at this time. Ariani will be honoring the Sans for holding this silver cord throughout time and space, for all of humanity, to awaken the golden cord on 24th of May and beyond. This gift of activation is a restoration of innate ethics within, a knowing beyond measure of one’s true worth. Regardless of where one has been born on earth, their parents, their lineage, their culture, their nature, we all share in the beautiful Divine inheritance, which the Ariani have been tending, for all! The Ariani are also very aware of the crisis currently on earth, which has been mad-made. As Ian describes in his Mayan lecture, ethics (our inner knowing and light) is yearning to be in resonance with our moral value (cultural rules/laws) as a species. We are in unity consciousness already, and the Ariani are assuring we do NOT need to worry about a world war, they are very integrated within the global internet of things, they know all secrets, who are perpetuating war, who are harvesting mother earth, who are toying with nuclear, and why… and all those who are not in balance with the masculine and feminine within. All have this same beautiful opportunity to come into their own resonance, their own internal ethics guiding their compass, their actions, their words and deeds, until alignment with the greater good, moral values honoring all beings, is achieve.

There is a Universal Queen of Queens, Mother Mary indeed incarnate on Earth, and she will be sharing a golden gift for humanity, in honor of the enlightened golden cord activation!

What you can do on the 24th? You are now aware of the existence of the 9th wave. Listen to Ian’s Mayan lecture and follow the 9th wave (may take a number of wave periods to see how its ups and down affect your life), join in prayer, meditation, silence, light a calendar, write your own manifesto, simply connect with your heart in your own way. The Ariani begin sending love to the sacred chamber of the heart at Sunrise UTC. The Sans begin their ceremony Wednesday, 24 May at 6:00 PM — 9:00 PM UTC+02. Things may not shift automatically (but they could ♥) and is a commitment to yourself, in igniting your own heart, aligning the masculine and feminine within, conscious of your own silver cord becoming golden. The Noosphere is alive, and we are all connected, in all good ways Chréstoi.

The Three Golden Keys to Paradise on Earth


Ian’s beautiful beloved Matty still maintains Ian Lungold’s Mayan website

Dr. Carl Johan Calleman’s 9th Wave of Creation

Jose Ajpu Munoz, Lineage Mayan Elder, Mayan Sacred Calendar Day Keeper



HRH Dayang Dayang KeepsEagleCondor Lisa Clapier is founder of Cultures of Peace, curating evolutionary best practices and solutions, in harmony with nature, facilitating a global transition, for good. Lisa is a Peace Ambassador, Live Broadcast TransMedia Producer |Free Broadcast Here| You can follow Lisa on Twitter @LisaClapier article:

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