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Bring Peace Home!  PeaceDay 2016 DVD $99-


We love bringing you a free Culture of Peace broadcast! The ground crew, consists of over 40 volunteers, mostly women.  Who have, for over four years, contributed talent, skills, heart, passion and genius... ensuring this portal remains pure and a free gift, to all, globally! We love you and are committed to sharing evolutionary best practices for peace!

We thank you so very much for your support! Thank you for being our village!!!

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Special - Peace Day 2016 DVD - $99-
over eight (8) hours of broadcast content
Enjoy this DVD, a Culture of Peace, in your home!
Your support benefits our ground crew with bandwidth costs, equipment maintenance and more.
Thank you for providing these amazing mothers the opportunity to continue gifting their genius, from their heart, forward for human-unity! Your support matters!!!
Note: Product will be shipped within 14 business days, from completion of broadcast September 22, 2016.
Thank you for sharing your conscious cash!
Appreciation appreciates!
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