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World Peace One #WP1

A Global Movement for Universal Peace by Senior Nobel Family Member, Claes Nobel and Live Aid Producer Doug Ivanovich
Reaching billions of people through celebrating music, concerts, games, innovations, social media, and introducing WP1 Education!

HRH Duyang Duyang KeepsEagleCondor Lisa Clapier

Peace Ambassador (spectrum special operations)

Consulate to United Nations Economic & Civil Society Council

Steward of Mother Earth Trust, Chief Architect of BeautifulExchange

UN NGO since 2012

* Global Declaration of Earth Ethics by Mr. Claes Nobel

World Harmony via Earth Ethics: Right Thoughts, Right Words, Right Actions, Right Here and Now

Hello, I am Lisa Clapier
Welcome to my expression of Univeral Peace for all, and contribution to World Peace One #Wp1
From Occupy to Unify, is my Unanimous expression in support of World Peace One - ensuring a culture of peace, endures upon Mother Earth, in harmony with her nature, in solidarity with Earth Ethics* and a United Earth* for all!


I naturally curate evolutionary best practices and solutions, as my passion. As WP1 TransMedia Producer, my commitment is to the beauty I discover as an offering, from my maternal caring heart, for WP1 Education. Community-based Education 'Hope Dome' multimedia labs at WP1 Global University Alliance, a partnership with UCLA Extension! 


I envision our Mother Earth, with beautiful white media domes,  peace nodes holding the youth of her future safe within 50mile-radius peace zones, collaborating, sharing, and co-creating solutions for a thriving world, working for all!



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